Saturday, October 29, 2011

ATM Attacked in Yogyakarta. Two Still Held in Prison

On the night of the 6th-7th October, an ATM machine from BRI bank in Sleman, Yogyakarta was attacked with Molotov cocktails. An explosion was heard in the area, which police attributed to the effects of the heat on the screen. Three people were arrested in connection to the incident, and two are still in prison on suspicion of having carried out the attack.

The mainstream media widely reported what happened, and debated whether the action was an act of terrorism or a novel method of trying to steal the money inside the machine. Maybe it wasn't exactly either. National newspaper Kompas published the contents of a leaflet left on the scene which clearly explains some of the author's perspectives on capitalism, the state, and their solidarity with struggles taking place around Indonesia right now, as well as what terrorism really means:

YOGYAKARTA, A leaflet found in front of the site of the explosion, BRI and BNI's ATMs on Gejayan Road, Yogyakarta, earlier today, contains disparaging statements about the state, corporations, the police and the military.

The contents of the leaflet are as follows:

State-Capital-Police-Military are the real terrorists. “Social rebellion will continue as long as the sun keeps shining”

This time we say that what we are doing represents the culmination of all our unease and anger towards the system we currently live under.

A system that worships money; a system that harangues people with television in their everyday lives, so that they buy products they don't need and keep working like machines.

A system that ensures that we and other people do not have control over our own lives; a system that benefits the bourgeois, businessmen and the state bureaucrats that are their loyal partners.

For all of us, this is not the moment to remain quiet, this is not the moment to calmly watch what's going on in front of our television screens and say that “everything is all right”.

This is for all repression in West Papua. For all repression in Kulonprogo. For all historical repression in Aceh. For all repression in Wera, Bima. For all evictions and land grabbing in Takalar and Pandan Raya in Makassar.

For all repression of our friends that resist. For Tukijo and the social combatants that are shut away in prisons because they fight to defend their rights to a livelihood. For each forestry concession that will destroy all biodiversity in the name of money and business!

And for all prisons which really should be burned to the ground! So as long as state and capitalism continue to exist, THERE WILL NEVER BE PEACE BETWEEN THOSE THAT HAVE AND THOSE THAT DO NOT.

Attacks are against financial centres: atms, banks and corporate buildings are the important targets, because they are amongst the collaborators who cause suffering on the face of this earth. This is not terrorism because we do not advocate attacking people.

Terrorism is the war between states. Terrorism is your kitchen when the rice and other food is running out. Terrorism are the bastards in uniform who are everywhere with their weapons. Terrorism is the massacre of the dispossessed.

But we say that enough is enough! And this is also for you! The fighters who never held back from resisting on the outside, although you are shut up in iron cages because of your belief in freedom: Conspiracy cell of fire (Greece), fighters in Chile: Tortuga! Lives on! Gabriel Pombo da Silva, Thomas Meyer Falk (Germany) Polikarpus Georgiadis, Revolutionary Struggle! A salute to the combatants of Manado, Makassar and Bandung, you are an inspiration that amidst the hopelessness of society there are people living that are becoming less obedient and powerless.

"Let fire burn in the darkness!" Long Live Luciano Tortuga Cell- International Revolutionary Front - FAI

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