Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Hidayat is Free

At the second sitting of Hidayat's trial, on 16th April 2012, the court decided to set him free after taking into account the time he had already spent inside. The hearing, which started late and continued for almost one hour, was attended by his friends, lover and his mother.

Hidayat, who had been charged with article 170 of the Indonesian penal code, was sentenced to the time he had already served and set free after consideration of his need to continue his studies, as well as his health, which had been deteriorating in prison. After the defence presented its case orally, the judge rapped his gavel to declare his judgement. Hidayat's mother burst into tears after hearing the decision

The editors of Kokemi blog hope that the fire that burns in our hearts is not dampened by the fear of the Wanted Persons List and the threat of prison - many of our comrades are still in prison and solidarity will continue as long as is necessary, until the prisons lie in ruins.

 23-year-old Hidayat (Yaya), was arrested in a mass protest in Makassar on 26th December 2011, in an act of solidarity with the struggle of the people of Bima who were brutally repressed by the Indonesian police in Sape port on the 24th December 2011. In that incident four people were killed and dozens injured. The people of Bima reject mining in their area and demand that PT Sumber Mineral Nusantara's mining permission be withdrawn.

Hidayat was arrested in the solidarity action because he was accused of damaging a police outpost and bank property. Hidayat was being held at the Category I Prison on Jalan Sultan Alanuddin, Makassar, charged with article 170 of the Indonesian criminal code (criminal damage committed together with others), and faced up to five years in jail.

Solidarity without limits.


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